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By georges laraque

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BGL Magnetic Touch 35 PT
Designed for your most precious standard 35PT trading cards.
BGL Card Sleeves Regular
BGL Soft Card Sleeves protect against dust, dirt, and natural oils from regular handling.
BGL Toploader Platinum 35 PT
Protect your standard 35PT sized trading cards with our trusted BGL toploaders.

Made for experts by experts

Georges Laraque has teamed up with experts from our industry to manufacture a line of card protectors for your trading cards. Designed with the best quality for any enthusiast and professional collector.

Archival-grade collectible storage

You don’t want your sports collectible items to decay and lose value. Our products are made with the most durable materials.


BGL products are industry standard for consistent sizing and fit. As we share your desire, we have tested every aspect of our products to ensure it meets the quality you demand.

Multiple Products & Sizes Available

Our premium protectors come in different sizes to perfectly fit your trading cards and keep your collection organized. Need custom or unique sizing? Contact us for special orders.


Big Georges Laraque

Georges Laraque, as a 13-year NHL veteran, knows a thing or two about the sports industry. He played hockey for Edmonton, Phoenix, Pittsburgh and Montreal as a right wing from 1997 to 2010. He has well-being, fitness and sports training at heart and devoted his life to health and hockey.

Laraque not only has a deep appreciation of sport trends, but he also deals heavily in the collectible industry. As he was dubbed the enforcer on his hockey teams, his products are modelled after him, offering protection to important assets. He truly understands the needs and desires of every enthusiastic collector. Laraque is a central player in the development of the BGL brand and continues to perfect each item he develops.

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Specialty item Requests

If you can’t find a unique product you require, look no further. BGL can help develop and produce almost any protector.

Secure and safe payments

It is easy and safe for you to purchase collectible card protectors. BGL works in simple partnerships.

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